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In order to be true, effective and well-informed leaders within Afghan diasporic communities, we need to build strong understandings regarding the various social issues and inequities that are experienced by Afghan communities. Afghan diasporic identities are multi-dimensional, diverse, and continuously shifting. As a leader in the Afghan community, it is especially necessary to learn how to be an active ally and advocate for the most vulnerable and marginalized within the Afghan community. The Hazara community has continued to disproportionately experience systemic discrimination and violence, both within the nation-state of Afghanistan and beyond it, in diasporic communities around the world.

With the generous guidance of Hazara-identifying Advisory Experts, this one-day virtual leadership summit will bring increased awareness and mobilize aspiring leaders within Afghan diasporic communities to take collective action, as part of their allyship and advocacy for Hazaras. Through multiple sessions during the day, the summit will address the important social inequities that are experienced by the Hazara community, provide a necessary overview of the often undiscussed histories of Hazara peoples, the centuries of state violence and genocide they continue to endure, as well as the ongoing systemic discrimination that is experienced from their Hazara identities in the diaspora. This will be followed by community action-planning to reimagine much-needed community mobilization towards the struggle for equity.

The summit is open to all Afghans but we also encourage non-Afghans to attend, in the spirit of true collective liberation. Summit attendees will leave the conference with more nuanced knowledge of Hazara histories, various systemic issues, and structural inequities that continue to disproportionately marginalize and minoritize Hazaras. Attendees will also know more about the important distinctions of being active allies and advocates for Hazaras, rather than being leaders for them.

Thank you to AYEDI (Afghan Youth Education and Development Initiative), TakingITGlobal, RisingYouth, the Government of Canada, and Canada Service Corps for generously supporting this project.

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