February 18, 2021

ARCH condemns Mujjy for racism directed towards the Hazara community.

On February 17, 2021, rapper Mujjy uploaded a harmful video to her social media platforms,
using a racist derogatory term to address a member of the Hazara community. The actions of
this individual perpetuates ongoing racism and continuous dehumanization faced by the Hazara
As an organization, we are outraged that a community member who has built her career off of
her Afghan identity and has relied on the support of this multi-ethnic community would say such
divisive and hateful words. We are deeply disappointed that Mujjy has used her public platform
to reinforce disgusting notions rooted in hate and racism. This is a time when our support for
each other is most needed and hate in any form will not bring the community together.
ARCH condemns the hateful actions of Mujjy. We condemn every individual, every institution,
and every organization who still provides a platform for her, supports her, and has remained
silent during the course of these events.
We condemn the use of hateful rhetoric against all marginalized communities and stand in
solidarity with any victims of hate, especially with the members of the Hazara community. We
would like to make it very clear that any form of hate and discrimination, including but not limited
to racism, homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia, islamophobia, or transphobia is unacceptable,
and not welcomed within the Afghan community.
We demand a formal apology to the Hazara community from Mujjy for her racist comments. We
also demand that all organizations refuse to provide Mujjy with a platform until an apology is
issued to the communities that have been deeply impacted by her divisive and abhorrent words.


ARCH (Afghans Reviving Culture and Heritage)

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stand in solidarity with the Hazara community.